The Wrecking Crew: The Inside Story of Rock and Rolls Best-Kept Secret

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Excellent Paper Award Kuo, T. Fang, P. Hsinchu, Taiwan. In Chinese Hung, S. A primary study of the virtual avatars and character design preferences for junior high students in the learning game of classical literature. In Chinese Tsai, S. In Chinese Lai, Y.


Hsu, H. A Conceptual Design of the mobile Chinese literacy learning system developed for visually impaired elementary school students. A preliminary study of integrating game-based English e-learning for pre-class preparation. In Chinese poster Hung, S. A preliminary study of associating Quikkly with the mobile tour system. In Chinese poster Kuo, T. A preliminary study. In Chinese Hsu, H. A preliminary study of selecting iPad apps to facilitate phonemic awareness for underachievers of English.

Project Based Learning: Explained.

Exploring how tablet PCs facilitate L2 vocabulary learning in an intensive English winter camp. Best paper award Young, S. National Tsing Hua University, In Chinese Tang, W. Hung, K. In Chinese Chen, Y. Tamkang University, Keynote Talk, Sep. Guerrero Ed. Best Paper Award nominated Chu, K. Effects of applying panoramic image virtual reality to public arts appreciation on student performance. In Chinese Hung, H. Chen, X. Wu Eds.

In Chinese Wang, J. In Chinese Chiang, T. Taiwan: Taichung. Chiang, T. Wang, S. A preliminary study of developing hand-held-based applications for personal learning process. Taichung, Taiwan. In Chinese Wang, Y. Exploring the effectiveness of adopting the ASR-based system to facilitate adults' English speaking proficiency.

Invited talk, T he implement and strategy of online open courses on the generation of mobile technology: Take Tsing Hua University for Example. Taiwan: Providence University. A cloud-based solution for OpenCourseWare system to meet the need of cross-platform learning via various devices in the ubiquitous environment. Hwang, S. Castillo Eds. Wei, Y, J. Taiwan: National Hsinchu University of Education.

In Chinese Lin, Y. Content design for flash-based augmented reality on 3-dimensional geometry. Design of applying the manipulative 3D models to assisting digital game-based learning. In Chinese In Chinese Chu, k. Integrating panoramic image virtual reality into public arts appreciation learning system. Development and evaluation of ASR-based speaking system to support English proverbs learning. In Tsukasa Hirashima Eds. Proceeding of the 20 th International Conference on Computers in Education , pp.

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  6. International Conference on Web-based Learning (ICWL)* | KMedu Hub.

Lin , Nov. Exploring teachers as game-based learning courseware and scenario co-designers for enhancing student English learning. Wei, Y. Design of a flash-based 3D game to motive active learning and inspire teamwork on inter-campus competition. In Kae Dal Kwack, et al. Lin, W. Pilot study of designing course management system for e-readers learning assistant platform. In Shih, J. The effect of adopting e-reader as an innovative medium in technical and scientific English writing course.

Colpaert, A. Aerts, W. Chao Eds. Taichung, Taiwan: Providence University. Invited talk, , Feb. Invited talk, , April. Exploring elementary school students' perceptions of applying the interactive talking pen into English learning. Exploring the development of applying the speech recognition technology for English learning system design. In Chinese Huang, C. Integrating rewarding mechanism and ranking design into classroom interactive system. Shih Eds. In Chinese Wang, S. Enhance art learning by deploying tablet PCs in higher education environment. In Chinese Chu, K.

Integrating augment reality into mobile tour system- using the public arts on campus as an example. Design a cloud-based OpenCourseWare System for different learning behaviors with various devices. Integrating e-readers into academic writing course in higher education. In Chinese Chiang, C.

Pedagogy-Driven Design of Digital Learning Ecosystems: The Case Study of Dippler

Integrating Tablet PCs into the theme-based teaching to promote integration of multi skills. Taoyuan, Taiwan. Combing Tablet PCs with scaffolding activities to support English learning for elementary school students. Proceedings of the 2 Taiwan Academic Network Conference. A study of developing and evaluation of the English oral speaking system by integrated with the voice recognition techniques.

Starting from the finger tips and flying up to the clouds: Facing the innovative way of learning.

Makale ยป DergiPark

Facing the Innovative learning in the 21st Century. Towards an understanding of the University students' behavioral intention to build e-portfolio via blog service. In Fu-Yun Yu Eds. Wang, Y. Evaluation of the digital blended-learning in recurrent education: an example of graduate school for working professionals. Proceedings of the Taiwan academic Network Conference pp.

The pilot study of using voice recognition technology to construct multiple English learning environments. Ko, C. Explore the next generation of cloud-based E-learning environment. Chang et al. Proceedings of Edutainment pp. Taipei, Taiwan: Springer-Verlag. Utilize e-passport platform to strengthen disadvantaged students technology ability. Hong, W. Playing webcomic- based Game on Facebook for learning Chinese festivals.

Wei, C. Investigating the role and potentials of using Web2. In Aedo, I. Integrating the four-frame Webcomics with hyperlinks and social networking site as motivations of learning about Chinese Lunar Festivals. Innovation in e-reader- sharing Note-taking on social network service.

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  • The Middle East and North Africa: U.S. and European Response to Change.
  • In Zhang, J. Hangzhou, China: Zhejiang University. Huang, H. Exploring technology use behavior- a case study of adopting e-readers into higher education classroom. Game strategies to support Chinese language speaking and motivation of international students in a Chinese environment. The impact of E-learning on school teachers in recurrent education.

    A preliminary study of applying the voice recognition system into the English course in the elementary schools. Taipei, Taiwan. I-Lan, Taiwan. A preliminary study of the multimedia platform across various devices. Keynote talk, , Apr. If Confucius were to live in our time, would he teach differently? In Chinese Reina, S. Wong et al. Su, Y. Repurpose social network sites based on LmPR: like-minded people recommendation. Gee, H. Oh My Art: a map-based mobile learning system for outdoor campus public art. Preliminary study on applying Web-Quests to a music class in an elementary school.

    Tomar Eds. User expectations of the design of a map-based mobile guide system for public arts. Cheng, C. Be the first to write a review. Sorry, the book that you are looking for is not available right now. Books with a similar title. Web-Based Instructional Learning. Web-Based Education Learning from Experience. Where Do We Go? Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book!

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    ICALT 2006 - Proceedings of the 6th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies

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